I have been working with Holistic Therapies for over 20 years, and over those years have trained and qualified in several disciplines, giving me the tools to help many people of all ages to help themselves back to good health.

It was through personal experience of having a problem that was labelled untreatable or in my imagination that set me on the Holistic pathway.

I was determined not to just get on with it or live with it, as my problem was beginning to overshadow my everyday life.

So I decided to look into the different therapies available out there, and I have to admit with a degree of scepticism!

After a lot of research, talking to therapists and then trying some treatments with an open mind, I started to feel more positive that there was something more I could do for myself. It became clear that our emotions are connected to our physical bodies and vice versa. It was quite amazing that to follow these treatments. I was beginning to feel more energetic, brighter in myself; my physical problem was easing and I was on the road to getting my life back on track. It felt so liberating to take back control of my own health and well-being.

So, if you can relate to feeling like this emotionally, or you feel unwell, but there is seemingly no help out there for you, then take heart.

If you are reading this………you have already taken the first step to potentially achieving your Optimum Health and Well Being.

The second step?

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  • Click on the Therapy that interests you OR
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  • Home visits available, please contact me for details.

We may not be able to change our hectic lifestyle, but we CAN change the way we manage our lives, thereby achieving the Best that we can be.

All my treatments are non-invasive.


All the therapies that I practice complement each other in a way that enables me to help you obtain your personal Optimum Health and Well Being.