Clinical Homeopathy (Electro-Acupuncture)

Most of us experience ill health from infections at some stage in our lives.

If our immune system is strong, these infections will be dealt with, and we quickly recover.

If the immune system is low, we recover, but seemingly, our health never seems quite the same.
This may be an indication that the virus or bacteria etc may have gone into the fatty tissue of our body, and the toxins are causing us to feel tired, sluggish have skin problems, basically, constantly feeling unwell.

There are many reasons why our immune system becomes compromised, our hectic lifestyles, diet, lack of exercise, job, in fact, general life.

Treatment consists of homeopathic remedies taken over the course of 4 – 6 weeks depending on the severity of the virus, parasite, bacteria, fungus or the amount of toxins in the system.

This method utilises your unique internal electrical impulses, to detect any parasites, virus, bacteria and fungal infections that may be disrupting our health.

These viruses etc. can lay dormant in our body tissue for many years, long after the initial symptoms have faded, ready to re-emerge when our immune system is compromised.

This can be caused by tiredness, stress, bereavement or even job loss.

Many of us have parasites, virus and bacteria at some time in our life, and it is the job of the immune system to deal with them.

Health problems may start when the immune system is unable to detect, or deal with them. By using homeopathic remedies, it is possible to eradicate or neutralise them.

HELPS: to relieve conditions such as exhaustion, recurring symptoms from previous infections, persistent diarrhoea, constant chest infections, bowel problems, fertility problems and many many more. People who travel a lot, work on the land, health workers, butchers, teachers, pet owners etc. are at a higher risk of infections.