Intuitive Crystal and Evolved Soul Healing

Every crystal holds a specific energy generated from the Magnetic Core of the Earth.
Have you ever been drawn to pick a stone up from the beach, park or even the garden ? Have you looked round a crystal shop and picked up a crystal and held it in your hand, and then brought it, without really knowing why? Well, that is the crystal or stone ‘ choosing ‘ you, because it holds the energy you need at that time,

This energy resonates with the energy of all life, in a positive way, and, when used with good intentions can be effectively used to aid healing of the physical and emotional body.

Crystal and Evolved Soul Healing takes you on a Healing Journey that can be emotionally difficult sometimes, as the layers are peeled away to reveal the place in us that needs healing, As each layer is revealed, and healed, your life can change in a very positive way.

This journey, or experience, is not a quick fix. We need to work with the process, learning where changes need to be made, thoughts adjusted, and where we will maybe have to face our fears.

Sometimes, the Chakras will have to be cleared and balanced several times during a treatment, Etheric Tears repaired, Subtle Bodies re-aligned, Soul Cords healed and released and much more.

You can be sure that you will be supported at each step and guidance given throughout the whole process.