Food Intolerance and Sensitivity Testing

Electro-acupuncture ( no needles used )

This is a non-invasive method of testing foods, beverages, preservatives, additives colours and chemicals that may be causing the body to be out of balance.

Whereas an allergic reaction to anything may be life threatening, and would need medical attention, a food intolerance can disrupt the whole body, causing emotional as well as physical problems.

These conditions may not show up under any orthodox tests, thereby, seemingly, be untreatable.
Foods that we have eaten, drank or been in contact with for many years, can suddenly start to effect our health.

Symptoms can become quite distressing, and take control of your life.

By sorting out the foods that are putting your body out of balance, you will regain lost energy, tiredness, irritability, bloating and that feeling of not being able to put your finger on why you feel out of balance.

Children benefit greatly from this method of testing, and many conditions may be improved, especially emotional and behavioural.

HELPS: Bowel problems, migraines, aches and pains, skin problems, yeast overgrowth, hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue and emotional issues to name just a few.