Shamanic Healing is probably one of the oldest form of healing. Essentially it is an energetic based therapy, rooted in the belief that everything has its own energy. When this energy is out of balance, illness, tiredness, emotional issues and loss of confidence may manifest.

A Shamanic practitioner will work to bring this loss of energy back into balance, thereby, bringing the person back to wholeness.

By journeying into the realm of spirit, a Shaman may bring back messages, advice or actions that need putting into practice by the person to help them return to balanced energy which is very empowering

Healing may include:

Shamanic Counselling:

This a talking therapy. Shamans believe that to sit and talk your truths is very healing. Sometimes your own words are the keys to the solution. This therapy is very empowering.

Inner Self Retrieval:

Soul loss can prevent us from being totally connected to ourselves and others.
A traumatic event such as bereavement, accidents, divorce, abuse or anything that hurts us, even from a young age may cause this. Sometimes, we have no memory of the event. By working with these traumas it is possible to reconnect with our true self.

Ancestral Healing:
Our Ancestors play a big part in our lives. The way we think and act ( and react ) is passed down from generation to generation. This includes the disruptive as well as the beneficial thoughts and the way we cope.
This can stop us from moving on in our lives, in a positive way, stopping us being who we want to be.
Working with the Ancestors, severing unhelpful ties, will allow you to achieve what you want in life.

House Clearing:

Houses may hold energies that are less than positive.
These energies may cause insomnia, constant tiredness or just a bad feeling.
Children are very sensitive to these energies, which may cause them to be disruptive, bad mannered and not wanting to go to sleep.

These energies can be cleared, bringing peace and well being, and turn a house into a home.
House Blessings are also available.
( Both of these can be done remotely )

Power Animals:

Animal spirits can guide and advise us on many issues. Their wisdom is profound.
We do not choose them, they choose us.
By being taken on a Shamanic Journey, your animals will come to you. The animals will change all the time, but are always there to help and advise us.

Animal card divinations also available .
( a reading of the cards may help you with problems you would like help with )

During healing, drums, rattles, feathers and song may be used.